Carbon Fiber Pipe Reinforcement

Carbon Fiber Leak Repair
In Service permanent repairs

Piping systems with failures or corrosion tolerance issues can be addressed while on line. Carbon Fiber pipe reinforcement is an economical choice to avoided facility down time.

Carbon Fiber Tank Repair
Avoid replacement challenges

Carbon fiber tank repairs including bottom replacement or whole tank rebuild can be completed in a portion of the time of a tank replacement. Carbon fiber tank repair is a long term solution that avoids the installation challenges of a new tank.

Carbon Fiber Vessel Reinforcement
Prevent down time with In service repairs

Carbon Fiber Vessel repairs including heat exchanger and reactors can be completed while on line.  ASME calculations and stand alone structural vessel construction is an option. Carbon Fiber Vessel reinforcement can adapt to saddles, nozzles obstructions.  

Carbon Fiber Containment
Concrete crack protection

Concrete containment is plagued with surface cracks resulting in damage to the secondary containment system.  Utilization of Carbon Fiber containment creates a maintenance free secondary containment by eliminating the cracks.

Structural Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Column Repairs and Vital infrastructure Composite reinforcement

Replacing columns on vital infrastructure can be prevented by repairing them in place with Structural Carbon Fiber.  Structural strength by adding Carbon Fiber can be restored with engineered systems designed to handle the load.



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