Surface Preparation  

              Surface preparation is achieved by utilizing many different types of Medias including, Dry, wet, vapor, and gas.  Properly prepared surfaces are the foundation to coating systems and ensure structural integrity by exposing surface deviation and inclusions.

Pump Cases 

Rebuilding pumps with machined surfaces.  Our team specializes in revealing the pump base metal to enable your team to inspect / repair. Expedited Service.

Centrifugal Pumps

Tight tolerances and high wear items with corrosion and erosion.  Our team provides a quick turn around to remove all contaminants for the pump to be repaired.

Tank Inspections

Specialty Alloy, Carbon, Titanium or Stainless Our team has the ability remove corrosion, oxidation and debris to provide your inspection team a clear surface to inspect.

Alloy Substrates 

Preventing Alloy contamination from dissimilar materials our team provides unique solutions to insure safe handling and prevention of contamination and impingement.

Surface Polishing / Finishing 

From Valve gates to art pieces we are able to identify the correct media and equipment to leave the desired surface effect.

Anchor Profiles 

The Anchor Profile is the foundation to any coating system or inspection project.  We have the ability to prevent removing or damaging the base material beyond the desired effect.

Chloride / Soluble Salts/ Microbial Corrosion Removal  

Surface contamination is a source of coating failure.  Inspecting your assets for contamination can be completed.  Removal of Chlorides or Microbial corrosion can be achieved with the proper surface preparation methods.  Ask about our surface cleaning processes.



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