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Quality begins with the team taking pride in their work and attention to detail

Cameron Industries values delivering the customer premium service producing the highest quality products.  

Quality alone is not the goal.  Quality has to include safe execution, environmental protection and partnering with the customer to implement best practices and solutions. Projects are completed using the most advanced techniques and industry leading equipment and products.  All projects are over seen by NACE inspectors.  Applicators are individually qualified and take pride in their work.  Together the TEAM works to efficiently complete projects safely with attention to details.  



Turn key Design, Fabricate and Install 

Our team provides a turn key service from Field engineering, Design shop fabrication to installation. We can minimize down time by eliminating field welds and insuring shop fabrication accuracy by utilizing 3-D modeling and laser scanning technology.

FRP Manufactured Pipe


FRP piping designed specific to your application 

FRP manufacturing techniques enables us to utilize multiple resin systems combined with multiple composite materials.  Materials include: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Basalt and any combination or blend of materials

FRP Nozzle Insert

Coming Soon.jpg

Maximum protection with minimal flow interruption

Manufacturing process utilized in our Nozzle inserts minimizes the interruption to the flow while maximizing protection. Flexibility to identify the best resin system and composite combination our nozzle inserts are prepared for long term service

FRP Parts/ Fittings

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Designed and Engineered to perform 

Design flexibility of Composite materials enables product to be made for unique applications.  With superior strength to weight characteristics Composites are the answer to reducing weight while providing a long term solution

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